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Mindful Pilates

Balance your mind, build the body of your dream, and have fun in the process!

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"Your physical and emotional state is My priority. I always help my clients get the most out of the Pilates workout and avoid any unnecessary injuries."

Viktoriya Greis

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I'm so happy to see you here!

We have one thing in common: a passion to become a better version of ourselves! I want to know you better! Let's get started!

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What You Get

while enjoying our pilates sessions

Toned Body






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My Story

Or how I fell in love with Pilates

viktoriya greis with her son
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My journey started as I came to America a decade ago. Trying to find my calling I have always wanted to help others. Sports activities have always been my passion and necessity (in a way). Fighting with a few extra pounds, my body was never perfect. At the same time, I was always strong and active.
My first MAT Pilates class happened when I was 14. Back then I had no idea it would open so many doors for me. My trainer was lean, fit, and beautiful. Her energy was vibrant and warm. She planted a seed for my Pilates love to grow. As I was getting older I kept discovering the incredible benefits of Pilates.
One day I woke up and realized: this is it, Pilates is my calling. The ideal opportunity to impact peoples' lives in a good healthy way. Help them get stronger.
Help achieve a balanced mindset and a dream body shape.
After intensive studies and practices, I received my full professional Pilates certification. For the past 5 years, I’ve been teaching people of all ages, shapes, and forms.

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My Students are My Best Teachers.

We are all different, I use an individual approach for every client. First I want to know you better, to understand your needs, your fears, and your desires. It helps build the best workout plan and set the right goals we will achieve together!
The highest reward to see the results of my efforts. To watch my students' lives are improving. The consistent practice works miracles.

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Pilates Method


A believer in the superpower of Pilates - Viktoriya Greis is convinced Pilates positively impacts our lives. It makes us stronger, leaner, and healthier day by day. Her vibrance and energy transform your workouts into mindful pleasure. It feels so good and you want to experience over and over again.

Follow your dreams☝️ Dedication + hard w
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I love Pilates! It enhances my entire life! I'm confident, it will brighten yours!

Let's train, get better versions of ourselves and have fun together!

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218 NW 12th Ave, apt.1010, Miami, Florida, 33128


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